University of Vienna

The University of Vienna was founded in 1365 and is the oldest university in the German-speaking world and one of the largest in Central Europe with 88.000 students and 9.400 employees. The Workflow Systems and Technology Group (WST) is one of the research groups at the Faculty of Computer Science, University of Vienna.
The WST Group has an excellent scientific track record. Its members participated in several national, European and international projects. Current projects are, for example, the ADVENTURE project funded by the European Commission on the support of virtual factories, a joint project with University of Ulm on change and compliance in collaborative process settings funded by FWF and DFG, and a joint project with the Medical University of Vienna on the application of Process Management Technology in skin cancer treatment. The WST group has published over 500 nationally and internationally peer-reviewed conference and journal papers with over 4000 citations (according to ‘Publish or Perish’) in the area of Process-Aware Information Systems, Business Process Management and Service-oriented Architectures. The WST group is well connected in the community – its members serve, for example, as PC co-chairs for major conferences in the field, as members of various program committees, and as reviewers for the European commission.
To demonstrate its coherent vision of modular process aware information systems, the WST group has developed an extensive service oriented infrastructure toolbox. Most prominently, the lightweight and adaptive process execution engine CPEE can serve as building block for cloud and mobile solutions. The CPEE supports not only different existing process description languages, but is specifically designed for supporting extensions of these languages as well as support for new special purpose languages. It furthermore exposes a novel event and subscription based interaction model that enables the plugging of external monitoring , repair and other kinds of services. Complementing services include REMUS, a hybrid service and process repository, and REMAR, a rule engine which allows for inter / intra process synchronization and repair. The WST group furthermore has developed a novel process model independent security access control model, again available as a standalone pluggable service to complement our existing toolbox.