University of Vaasa

The Logistics Research Group at the University of Vaasa is focused on understanding the complex dynamics in supply chains that consists of several factories, transportation units, warehouses, retailers and customers. Logistics will be dispersed globally and driven by new information and material handling technologies. As management becomes more complex and distributed, our research provides the knowledge that can advance a company‟s operations.
These systems are modelled by using various quantitative techniques such as system dynamics, discrete event simulation, and queuing theory. The studies focuses on managerial aspects of improving the economic performance measures related to flows of materials, information, and cash. Logistics systems group focuses on research of the economic impact of logistics automation in different industries. To explore the entire logistics systems in industries, the group pursues an integrated suite of research initiatives: (1) networking; (2) tools for supply chain planning; (3) new business opportunities in materials handling; and (4) market analyses.