TANet Limited

TANet Limited is concerned with enhancing the collaborative capabilities of SME’s through the deployment of a range of products and services. TANet typically operates in the field of IT interoperability and collaboration, utilising European and National emerging technologies to disseminate and develop products and deliver services to SMEs across the UK.
SMEs may benefit through research activities of TANet members at a local level and due to the structure of TANet, these benefits of best practice may be elevated to a national level or standard.

TANet is the UK Pole for Interop-VLab.

Technology Application Network Limited (TANet) is a legal entity and trades as a limited company (not for profit) initially registered in 1993. It has been involved with European activities over that period participating in at least three projects, Namely STASIS, COSPACES and currently SYNERGY.

Since TANet is a National organisation, it has also been used by The International Virtual Laboratory for Enterprise Interoperability (InterOP-VLAB) as one of its global poles to represent the UK.
It has no permanent workingresources but is made up of member organisations that renew their membership annually and are reviewed at an Annual General Meeting where the re-election or re-appointment of its five Directors is undertaken.

The active member companies and organisations typically represent their local SMEs and are party to SME activities by providing direct or indirect services to them.

The key organisations are Control 2K Limited, The Future Manufacturing AR Centre at Coventry University, Advanced Manufacturing Centre at Loughborough University, The Warwick Manufacturing, University of Salford, Sematronix Limited and Teesside Manufacturing Centre. There are further members who belong to TANet and are not listed here.

One of the members of TANet is Control 2K Limited (C2K) that provides consultancy services to businesses in the field of industrial automation and control systems integration. It has a range of products and services including SharePoint, eCommerce, Portal and other Web Services that provide front-end connection to back-end systems such as stock and inventory control, order scheduling, energy monitoring, RFID and other data tagging systems through its product INDUSTREWEB.
By implementing New Technologies such as barcode and RFID systems, the company enhances Data Capture, Data Tracking and Data manipulation.

C2K has been involved with a number of European Projects via its membership of TANet, which is a
Technology Application Network responsible for dissemination activities in the UK. Projects include

Another initiative of C2K include SMECluster, a service portal used to pull together teams of SME’s primarily looking to collaborate or operate as virtual organisations to scale up their capabilities.