Azevedos Indústria

Azevedos Indústria is a Portuguese company founded in 1964, which focuses its activities in the equipment and machinery design, product manufacturing, and commercialisation (mostly) for the Cork Transformation Industry. The company‟s activities cover all areas of the preparation, transformation, finishing and laboratorial control sectors of the cork industry.
Azevedos Indústria in its supply chain does not use any intermediaries, i.e., beginning from the first contact with the customer until the after-sales service, it‟s done by Azevedos Indústria sales department.
All activities are process-oriented (Procurement, Production, Sales, Human Resources, Conception & Development, Quality, Continuous Improvement) and its Quality Management System is certified by ISO 9001:2008. The organisation has 50 specialised employees and has an available production capacity of 300 machines for the cork industry per year.
Solutions developed by Azevedos Indústria are complex. An equipment can be composed, in some cases by approximately five hundred spare-parts from different technology types, such as pneumatic, electric/electronic and mechanical parts. All these solutions are generated from the close contact with the target market and also from the know-how achieved during 40 years of experience in equipment conception.
The company has a development strategy centred both on the innovation and design of new solutions and a policy of co-operation with technological research institutions.