Initial Interviews Conducted

The initial interviews about the acceptance of ADVENTURE and possible feature wishes began this month with several partners conducting interview sessions with engineers from a range of companies within the manufacturing domain.

The questionnaire that was developed by the project partners during the Vaasa meeting, is freely available online at Prior to the questionnaire the interviewee is show the ADVENTURE video which provides them with the core vision of the project, and following this a brief presentation which explains in more technical depth the functionality and features the platform offers and what the benefits are to companies who us it.

Initial feedback has been very positive with a lot of focus by interviewees on the exact functionality offered by ADVENTURE. The questionnaire has also sparked interest from companies to review their current technology for collaborations with the customers and suppliers.

More interviews are planned this month and we look forward to the see the final outcomes. You can also still use the link above to take part in the online survey.