News Round-up: Questionnaire and Workshop

During the Vaasa consortium meeting, a questionnaire was created for the manufacturing industry because we want to have feedback what would be necessary in order to bring ADVENTURE into the real world. We want to hear what your company is still missing, and what can be done to make your company use ADVENTURE. If you want to help us and tell us what you think about ADVENTURE, you can find the questionnaire here:


As mentioned some time ago, ADVENTUREimage-tete participated in the organization of the Workshop entitled “ICT services and interoperability for Manufacturing” at the International Conference on Interoperability for Enterprise Systems and Applications (I-ESA 2014) in Albi, France. The Workshop was jointly organized by, and included presentations from the ADVENTURE, FLEXINET, FITMAN, IMAGINE and MSEE projects. We would like to give thanks to the partners of the other projects and everybody who participated in the Workshop for a great time.

updateThe finish line of our ADVENTURE is in clear sight and everybody is working hard to finish the developement of the last prototypes and the implementation of the use-cases. Make sure to check out our first Newsletter in 2014  for additional information about the latest activites in ADVENTURE. You can download the Newsletter here.