Review in Brussels

On October 14ᵗʰ-15ᵗʰ, 2013, ADVENTURE was presented to the EU reviewers in Brussels for the second time.

For the second years review, the ADVENTURE team focussed on showing as many component-prototypes as possible in an integrated demo, in a fictional but coherent story of a business opportunity at Azevedos Industria. In fact, the team had so many demos that we had to cut some, and we even managed to keep to our time limits. Also noticeably not a single demo failed or had bugs, and we succeeded in showing the interaction between all prototypes that were due to that date.

The reviewers were happy with the progress and the excessive coverage and handling of all the criticism they had the year before, as another main focus was the last years’s criticism which was broadly dealt with. Especially the team received very positive feedback for the fine grained plan for intellectual property rights. Overall, the reviewers offered very positive feedback and suggestions.

All deliverables, presentations and prototypes are being submitted to the reviewers in the following days, and we’re awaiting the formal feedback in written form. Also, you’ll find all public deliverables popping up on our website under soon.

Thanks for everyone who participated. Let’s get to work for the third stage! :-)