Waterton Meeting

The last consortium meeting, hosted by Control2k / TANet in Waterton from the 27th of February till 1st of March was very fruitful. The external advisory board managed to teach the consortium about real world industry cases where ADVENTURE might be applicable, as well as informing about copyright and patent laws and advising on intellectual property issues that could arise and on how to prevent those.

The board also decided on the extension of the Azevedos use case to substitute the loss of ABB from the consortium, in order to make the use case more relevant for bigger use cases where the whole supply chain has to be covered.


Also, an internal competition was held where eleven projects by six consortium members were presented. After a quick voting, it was decided that the “ADVENTURE Mobile Status App” by Ascora and “Graphical Approach for Gateway Implementation” by TIE were the winners, which will be implemented in the further course of the project.